Question by  Nicholas79 (38)

What is a list of tips for decorating above a television?

I have a large space that is open above my wall mounted flat screen television that needs to be decorated.


Answer by  turkwork21 (15)

You can find wood block letters at craft stores where you could create your own saying above your TV. The prase "live-laugh-love" would be very fitting in a family room.


Answer by  claudia (249)

Depends on the space above your TV. You can try to put up some pictures or I have in my house some lights with dimmer that can really make a difference above my set.


Answer by  dinomarino (268)

A very simple decorating scheme should be used above a wall mounted flat screen television. If you place anything above it at all it should be very subtle.


Answer by  ckechula (173)

Well it depends on the television that you have. If its a flat screen i would say noting should be on it and very little and light wieght items should be above it. Your television should not becluttered with items something simple and light can be a great decoration for above or on your television.


Answer by  dannyg28 (3070)

If you have a wall mounted flat screen TV, I do not think that you need to decorate the area above the screen, when people are watching TV, they will be looking at the TV not the decorations.


Answer by  Keldon (17)

Most definitely, you do NOT want anything heavy that could cause damage if it falls. DVD's ,games, pictures and other small and light objects are my suggestions. Nothing to large either or it tends to distract your eyes while watching the screen below. Id also suggest not to many items as the clutter is also distracting.

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