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Question by  tinaaggarwal (14)

What are some good decorating ideas for a split-foyer floor plan?


Answer by  YourMoneyAnswerGal (654)

The important thing to remember with a split foyer plan is that upper and lower floors can be seen from the foyer. Therefore, color choices need to complement each other. Distinguish the foyer as a place of transition to either upstairs or downstairs providing a table to place packages and hooks for coats.


Answer by  Anonymous

I have a split foyer, and I love it (I know.. sounds crazy). The best thing we did was take out the wall separating the LR and K. It made a world of difference. We have an island there instead.


Answer by  AloysiusP72 (96)

Think about what people will see first when they walk in the door. They will most likely try to decide if they are supposed to go up or down. Think about using lighting to illuminate the stairs that guests are to use. If they may go upstairs or down depending on the occasion, put the lighting on a switch.


Answer by  Nelsie (18)

You need a focal point when thinking about decorating a split-foyer floor plan. I suggest placing a buffet table or long side table, as your center focal point. Next add two lamps. Place them on both sides of the table, with pillar candles in the middle. Adding a large basket underneath the table, will add warmth to the room.


Answer by  rmttyler (160)

In general, you will probably want the entrance floyer to remain airy. No one wants to feel like they are negotiating their way into the house. The upper level of the foyer should be easily visible as well as entry into that part of the room accessible.

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