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Question by  nipu46 (23)

What are some tips for living with a person who is bipolar?


Answer by  deshpandev65yahoocom (149)

Bipolar disorder is nothing but a manic depressive psychosis. Drug therapy and cognetive behaviour therapy are very effective. Electro convulsive therapy is also used for immediate remedy. Regular exercise mainly Jacobson's progressive muscle relief technique is very useful. Keep stress away, eat healthy diet, avoid alcohol and smoking and talk to a suppotive person for your problems.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

1. Get them on medication to manage the condition, such as lithium. 2. Determine their triggers during counseling, then avoid those triggers. This can be topics, people, or reminders. 3. Put controls in place, such as a credit card in the freezer or handguns locked up, to ensure safety.


Answer by  IreneBallengee (112)

Living with a mentally ill person can be very difficult, there is no easy cure or quick way out of it. The best tip that I can give you is be patient. Try to learn about the disorder, encourage your loved one to seek treatment and just be patient.

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