Question by  Shirota (30)

What are some tips for getting toddlers to stay in bed?


Answer by  Linda (95)

Have your toddler bathe/wash and brush their teeth every night. This lets them know sleepy time is coming. Turn off the television and lights. A dim night light and soft music is okay. Try to develop a routine. Snuggle together like your going to sleep together. You probably will.


Answer by  Alisha (224)

When you first switch them to a bed it helps to sit in a chair in the doorway and read until they fall asleep at naptime and bedtime, just for a few weeks. Don't engage in conversation with them, though. They should get it soon enough.


Answer by  Sharyl (340)

have a routine each night leading up to bed time, and always be consistant don't give in one time and not the next they will learn they can win


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Tuck them in so snugly that they cannot get out on their own. Punish them by taking away favorite toys every time they get out of bed after being tucked in. Have a bed rail to keep them from climbing and falling out. Put a line of stuffed animals on the side of the bed for the same effect.


Answer by  Neil (83)

Make the bed something really fun for the child. Many people get beds shaped like cars or trains but even things like buying a cheap tent and placing a mattress in it can make bedtime seem like an adventure. Cut the tent for ventilation etc.

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