Question by  Raj82 (2)

What are some tips for cleaning hockey equipment?

I recently started playing hockey and bought all the equipment.


Answer by  jimcro55 (813)

The best way to keep your equipment clean is to clean it all immediately after each use. The longer equipment is left with sweat and dirt on it without being cleaned, the more it will smell and maintain a dirty appearance.


Answer by  Mic42 (22)

The jerseys and socks can be washed every time you wear them. After every practice air out equipment by pulling out all of it and airing out. Alot of equipment cannot be washed, so i would either clean with disenfectant and cloth, or just let it dry so no bacteria starts.


Answer by  csaw (100)

I throw everything in the laundry except helmet and skates and use detergent and febreeze deoderizer. Then I air dry ideally outside. It works great.


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

It is a good idea to frequently use air fresheners on the equipment and bag, since it can get quite a stench. Frequent scrubbing is the best thing.


Answer by  Begger41 (44)

The best thing you can do is air your equipment out after every time you play. If you have a garage, simply open the bag, spread your stuff out a little and let it dry out. This will also prevent mould from growing.

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