Question by  Asuu (17)

What are some tips for buying high school dance dresses?


Answer by  Alyssa67 (14)

If you fear someone wearin the same dress as you, shop at specialty dress stores; you will spend more, but are almost guaranteed to have a unique dress. Most dresses are at their cheapest prices, or heavily discounted during the "off-season" for high school dances. If you plan your dresses ahead, you could save quite a bit of money.


Answer by  dhuoda (1431)

The main thing is that the wearer is happy with it, but remember also that it is still a school situation. This means that it should not be too revealing or too extreme in its form. Try to find something that can be worn with existing accessories, or accessories that can be used again in other contexts.


Answer by  djalexis (176)

Never something too outrageous. Unless of course you want to look back later, and say "what was I thinking??" Color pallet should stay away from too bright of a color, because in your photos, it can bring out some negative skin tones. If you do want to look unique, focus more on the cut/style of the dress, not the color.


Answer by  wilson57 (239)

The best tip for buying a special dress is try to be age appropriate. Do not expect her to want to ever wear it again since girls' taste will change.

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