Question by  YanksFan (32)

Is Belford High School legit?

I would like to go to Belford High school.


Answer by  antinus (46)

Belford is an online high school. Their high school diplomas are all backed by the IAAOU. This high school makes it easy for you to get your GED in a shorter time than normal


Answer by  widgit (65)

No. I do not believe Belford High School is anything more than a diploma mill. In looking at their website, they say you can get your high school diploma in 15 days. While this may be good enough to fool most employers, it is still a waste of money. Life experience does not test you out of Algebra.


Answer by  dbrent24 (32)

There is too much drama surrounded around Belford High to risk it. Most high schools now offer an online, distant learning, or an Independent Study program. It would be awful to complete all of your work and have someone turn up their nose at the name.

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