Question by  kristun999 (18)

What are some romantic letters?

I want to impress my girlfriend.


Answer by  turkishtowel (455)

You can easily Google this, or perhaps read Cyrano de Bergerac (I am not sure about the spelling of the author's name.) This book is likely a very good source for romantic phrasing and other ideas you can use to impress your girlfriend. Don't just copy the words, though. Personalize them so that the sentiment is genuine.


Answer by  patti (29325)

There are collections of beautiful love letters that have been written through the ages. "Love Letters of Great Men" (two volumes) is available at most libraries and is still in-print. "98 Love Letters That Will Bring You To Your Knees" is terrific, too.


Answer by  canadabee (932)

Romantic letters generally include two or three compliments, beautifully phrased. Start with a salutation (Dear Name), provide the compliments and end with a profession of your undying love.

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