Question by  Cancan (44)

What are some renewable fuel sources?

I'm worried about the future of our planet.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Two of the most viable renewable fuel sources right now are wind and solar energy. Wind turbines can create enough energy to offset the resources that it takes to build and upkeep wind turbines. Solar energy is by far the most efficent and cost-effective creator of power. In addition, water is another good alternative.


Answer by  jaw2009 (109)

There are a number of renewable resources. The motion of water and wind can be used to create power. There's also power from sunlight and biofuels.


Answer by  answer17 (97)

Many renewable fuel sources are still in a testing phase, so the best option would be to get a hybrid car. It is more environmentally friendly and there are many discounts out there that are available to people who drive them.

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