Question by  allergymom (26)

What are some programs for single mothers?


Answer by  mousie82 (19)

The Salvation Army, United Way, and Goodwill all have programs to assist eligible people, including single mothers, with utility bills. The government also offers assistance for people with low income, including grants, food assistance, child care assistance, and monetary assistance when needed. MOPS, or Mothers of PreSchoolers, also offers companionship for all mothers.


Answer by  lgk (2426)

Single mothers can get housing grants, business loans and grants, even money to help with day care and college. Most human service departments have information to help you find them.


Answer by  davelang (235)

I hear a lot of churches have Bingo nights, and there are sandwich making clinics where you make sandwiches for the poor. You can also get help at your local YMCA. There are also day cares to drop your kids off so you can go out and meet single mothers and fathers like yourself.


Answer by  Jen99 (416)

It depends on where your located but there are many programs like Healthy Start or WIC. You should check with your local government offices. Also search locally online. I have many places in my state where the offer parenting classes and baby items all for free.


Answer by  melissa23 (1002)

There are single morther programs everywhere. There are blogs on the internet where single mothers can connect and get to know one another. Also try church programs or community programs.


Answer by  lynxlevy1 (160)

The government or other private organizations provide financial assistance for single moms, so that they can supply their essential needs. There are also scholarship grant programs for the mother and child so they can both graduate college and have a good job.


Answer by  yeeric2002 (15)

programs for single mothers is how mothers can raised their children to be a better person in this new era.


Answer by  boxsofrain (207)

You could join meetup. com. It has programs where single mothers can meet other single parents, and do activities that include the children.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

You can get food stamps or WIC if you need to get assistance with feeding your children. If you need help with rent there are also rental assistance programs. You can also get heating assistance if you need it.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

WIC, or "Women, Infants and Children", is a nutritional program for pregnant women and single women with children under 5 years, providing free food. There is the Earned Income Credit, providing a financial incentive if you are working. There are discounted or free childcare programs, such as Head Start. Medicaid and CHIP (children's health insurance program) provide cheap medical services.


Answer by  bouks999 (496)

You can try to start going to church. I'm sure they have some programs or information on groups for single moms.

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