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Question by  choweric2005 (39)

What are some possible causes of a bony bump on wrist?

I don't remember injuring my wrist.


Answer by  Lu (78)

You may have extra bone growth due to chronic inflammation also known as arthritis which can cause bony spurs to form. You may also have a calcified cyst or a minor injury from long ago that has caused ossification of soft tissue.


Answer by  tacmedic (34)

Arthritis is probably the most probable condition. If this has been ruled out there are various inflammatory joint conditions that could be to blame. Cancer of the bones or surrounding tissues is also a possibilty, and should not be ruled out. It is probably best to consult your regular doctor if this condition persists.


Answer by  Leverenz (41)

If you have a bony bump on your wrist it either could just be your bone that you are feeling and nothing is wrong with your wrist.


Answer by  ToralDwivedi (606)

If there is a bony bump, it is most likely to be a condition called ganglion. It is a collection of fluid in muscle sheath most common on wrist.

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