Question by  jock1185 (12)

What are some passive aggressive behavior samples?

I want to know some situations where others have had to deal with passive aggressive people.


Answer by  WranglerMama (289)

One of my friend's mother scheduled their family holiday gatherings without consulting her on days that were inconvenient for my friend. The mother is angry with my friend because she does not agree with her daughter's divorce, so she does stuff like that all the time--things that she can pretend she is not doing on purpose. That is passive aggressive.


Answer by  alicesays (106)

Roommates who leave angry notes instead of talking. Friends who answer sarcastically rather than admit they are upset or hurt. People who mutter under their breath rather than complain.


Answer by  TheJBell (20)

Situations where people are passive to your face (yes, sure that's a good decision to make), but then you hear that they are trashing your decision behind your back. Or a roommate that says that they don't care if you clean the house, but leaves you a nasty note every time you don't do the dishes!


Answer by  whoareyou (3483)

I actually am a passive aggressive person. In arguments, where I will bring up a problem/issue, and then disregard any means of fixing the issue or even truly confronting it.

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