Question by  freedom1814 (22)

What are some of the better portable cd players on the market?

I need a cd player for my children.


Answer by  ajk71486 (219)

Honestly, in my experience I have had the best luck with Emerson. I bought an mp3 compatible player when they first came out and dropped it onto concrete from 30 feet up and it still works 7 years later. Although popular, I have never seen the sony's last that long.


Answer by  NobodysHome (385)

Because most of the market has shifted to MP3 players and smart phones, there aren't a lot of high-end CD players being made anymore. Your best bet would be to buy a decent-looking one at a local department store.


Answer by  sota (12)

Sony and JVC has a wide range of compact disc players, which are trendy yet reliable, suitable under the rugged use of children. The very simple user interface would mean short learning curve for the young ones. Being the market leaders in this field, they definitely provide value for money.


Answer by  ambo1516 (160)

for me the better CD players on the market right now for me is the coby portable CD boombox with dock for ipods, with AM/FM radio also. and the price is also cheap


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The best portable cd players are Sony and Panasonic. The also make an anti shock which means you can go jogging and it won't skip.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

The best portable cd player I ever had was a Sony and it had the anti shock and was really tough and could take a beating.

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