Question by  kallah22 (7)

What are some of the best organic food stores in the States?


Answer by  rightlight (1053)

Some good organic food stores would include Safeway, Harris Teeter, Hannaford, and Whole Foods. Generally organic food stores are regional in the US, so just keep a lookout.


Answer by  JoeJohnson (41)

Whole Foods is a great organic food store in the United States. They revolutionized the organic food market and took it from a small mom and pop mentality to the corporate world. Some other great organic food stores include Trader Joes and Wegmans. There is a trend in moving towards organic food sections so most stores will have organic options.


Answer by  amyturk (199)

Whole Foods is the largest organic food store chain in the United States, and they recently bought out their largest competitor, Wild Oats.


Answer by  steph59 (7)

I think that the very best organic food store is one of the many local farms, or farmers markets we have located near all of us.The reason for this is that it supports local business and you just simply cant find any fresher produce that what a local farm has to offer.

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