Question by  patrickc (21)

What are some effective organic diets?

I want to know how to safely eat all organic foods.


Answer by  LohnJaw (122)

The actual nutritional difference between organic and non-organic diets is not that significant, so you can safely find a non-organic diet and just eat that food, except organically grown.


Answer by  Annie51 (31)

Like any other diet, an organic diet must include a variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins and lean meats and dairy products. Vegetarian diets exclude meats and possibly dairy products, substituting nuts, beans or tofu/soy products as a protein source.


Answer by  Rani60 (351)

You can eat whole grains such as bran and oats, nuts, seeds, some pasta, and fat-free food items. Organic rices are brown rice, polished, rice rave, organic flour or Atta, organic Dals,organic grains, organic sugar or tea, organic dry fruits,organic Wheatgrass, organic oil like coconut oil, sunflower oil etc, organic snacks. ALL these items are effective in organic diets.


Answer by  Cyndael (338)

There is nothing unsafe about eating all organic foods. There are all types of food available in organic, including meats, vegetables, dairy products, and even ready made foods. Check your local natural food store.


Answer by  Pantherz (30)

Organic diets can be safetly taken by yourself without outside help. Go to your local market and buy food labelled organic and eat away!


Answer by  joyce51 (22)

Any diet can be altered to accommodate organic foods, although it may be a little more difficult to find shops and stores that stock the items you'll be looking for.

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