Question by  cheryllichak (26)

What are some Japanese customs?

I will be hosting a Japanese family for a while.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Japanese families are incredibly open about sex, just be prepared for that. For them that is proper dinner conversation. Some families have a head Patriarch who makes the decisions. Some other customs are they will not have the stairs facing the door cause all the love flows out the home.


Answer by  tina63 (273)

Bowing as a sign of respect - inclining the head or a bow at the waist. Longer bows are warranted for people with a higher status. In Japan conformity is valued over individualism.


Answer by  diva25 (4016)

I think the biggest one is that you have to take off your shoes when you enter someones house as a sign of respect. Bathing is very important and is done daily. They use baths for relaxing and they use soap on their body and hair before they get in the bath.


Answer by  sully (33)

One Japanese custom that is very common is to take your shoes off before you come in the house. The Japanese are very adamant about it. And don't forget the chopsticks!


Answer by  aaaphilosopher (63)

Common customs include: taking shoes off before entering a home, bowing to show respect, and starting off meals with the phrase of reception.

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