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Question by  musicmimes (64)

What are some different burial customs around the world?

My friend from China told me that U.S. burial customs are different than other places.


Answer by  HunterAmacker (6)

In some areas of the Southern United States, most notably New Orleans, Louisianan, above ground burials of the dead are common. These take place in Roman Catholic cemeteries, although it is not required that the dead are practicing Catholics. The deceased are placed in coffins, which are stored in above ground granite or marble vaults.


Answer by  DavidSharif (194)

People who practice Zoroastrianism (who mainly live in Iran or India), practice what are called sky burials. They cleanse the body and then leave it on an open tower in the desert. Birds pick at the body and eventually the sun bleaches the bones. This is done because it is considered polluting the earth to bury a dead body.


Answer by  snazzysnert (47)

Burial customs vary radically. In Tibet, the body offered to scavengers. In most Western Cultures, the body is buried at a place to be remembered.


Answer by  Ramees (10)

Burial customs in India are based on the different states culture and religion.It is totally different from other countries burial customs.

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