Question by  Eric519 (16)

What are some Italian last names that end in consonants?


Answer by  christina22 (67)

Although most Italian names end in vowels, some also end in consonants. Some examples would be Benetton, Basson, Manin, Zanin, Fantin, Marangon, Marras, Perin and Rigonat


Answer by  Lorbeer (304)

Ciao - I just type in some famous names : (Ernesto)Illy, Benetton , Laurentiis, Buffon, Lanz ( and many austrian names in South Tyrol), Gallon , Pelissier ( and many french names from La Riviera region), Cois, Perin, Santon, I've picked up some names from italian football / soccer pages. There are only the endlings of -is , -on in italian.


Answer by  finette (157)

Antonellis, Avellis, Bashier, Campes, Conchin, De Angelis, DeFedericis, De Filippis, D'Elisiis, Dell'Orr, De Pellegrin, Dittes, Dramis, Framarin, Gardellor


Answer by  Phil97 (569)

ALthough most people believe that Italian surnames only end in vowels, many end in consonants, such as Bertin, Besson, Bettin, Bon, Bragadin, Buffon, Garin, Manzin, Manin, Zaccarin, Zamoner, Zampol.

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