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Question by  eiagaaf (13)

What are some ideas for Twilight costumes?


Answer by  tayizzydjcolt (54)

My son was Edward for halloween. I put light foundation on him to give him a pale look then I put gold glitter on his skin. He then wore a grey t-shirt with a leather jacket, sun glasses, and black jeans. He also had vampire teeth. Another idea maybe would be to use baseball clothes to recreate that scene.


Answer by  mhope1987 (60)

Typical Twilight costumes focus on the hair and makeup aspect, but I would personally go all out with contact lenses, robes, and even changing the way you talk. Just watch the films and read the books for ideas about how to alter your speech using words that have fallen out of common usage.


Answer by  patti (29325)

The characters were presented as "normal" teens, so it is difficult to hone in on particulars. Hair and make-up are key. Check out the photos at the movie sites.


Answer by  rinj2009 (9)

Be the car that the girl drives the whole movie. Just get a box, cut off the top and bottom flaps, paint it redish orange, and put some straps on it and wear it over your body. Also to add authenticity you can put dent marks in one the sides, to show that the car was hit.


Answer by  Agony (27)

An idea for a costume from the movie/book would be to dress up as Victoria. You could get a red wig or dye your hair. Find some tight fitting leather pants, a fo-fur half jacket (one that reaches the top of your ribs, below the chest line) and a tight shirt and you'd be good to go!


Answer by  Merzkiyi (604)

Most of the characters wear modern clothes so it wouldn't be too hard to find similar outfits at department stores. Pick a character that you can style your hair similar to, that will help with the look. There's also the baseball uniforms that they wear during their thunderstorm game, they'd be quite easy to put together.


Answer by  wennifred (597)

Some obvious choices would be a vampire (don't forget the sparkly skin) or a werewolf, though for a werewolf costume to work well the person should be rather large and muscular.


Answer by  mcr666 (362)

The most popular idea for Twilight costmes are that of the volturi or the cullen clan. Many bookstores offer prop jewelry that is similair to that used in the film.


Answer by  Joanna (85)

Vampire clothes, which sort of means sexy, mysterious, exciting. Something that is a real eye catcher for the person wearing it.


Answer by  thewerewolfmage (520)

The good thing about dressing as a Twilight character is that their clothing isn't outlandish. It's normal, everyday human clothing. To do Edward would also include vampire teeth and pale makeup.


Answer by  Kayla (144)

You could of course dress up as a vampire or a werewolf by getting some fangs or a hairy werewolf like suit at a costume store. Or you could dress up as one specific character. You could probably get some cheap clothes that look similar at a local Goodwill store as well.

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