Question by  Blag (40)

what are some ideas for natural weed blockers?


Answer by  TxBluEyes (34)

A great natural weed blocker, leaves. They are natural and don't cost you anything. Just rake them up and place them where you need them.


Answer by  psd96 (22)

I think one of the best weed blockers is pine straw. It's inexpensive and readily available. It does not attract termites and is safe to use around your home.


Answer by  xanderharris (11)

Weeds can be blocked naturally with salt. Plants do not like high concentrations of salt and will not grow where the ground is salted. This is good for an area such as around a septic system's junction box. However, this will not work if you wish to grow things in the same place.


Answer by  Gretchen (18)

Mulching is a great way to naturally block weeds. You can use almost anything to mulch from grass clippings and straw to hardwood mulch purchased from a garden center.

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