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Question by  ncdaisygirl (175)

What are some home remedies for seborrhea?

I would like to treat seborrhea at home as I do not have insurance.


Answer by  sujit (34)

Home remedies for Seborrhea is by massaging your scalp. You can use warm oil to do this. A mixture of one tablespoon of yogurt,a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of honey can be applied to the scalp. You should leave this on for a while and wash it off.


Answer by  IrwinKath (41)

Reduce fat intake to lower down the build up of fatty substances. Also, increasing fiber intake helps reduce oil production since these excess damaging substances are eliminated through defecation.


Answer by  jaison23 (172)

Its a chronic inflamatory disorder, that mainly effects, the skin,head,trnk and the sebaceous gland. Herbs can be grinded and made into an paste and can be applied to the areas affected.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

There are different reasons for dandruff, depending on whether it is oily, dry, or infected, but most people with dandruff also have an infection. Dandruff shampoos help.

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