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Question by  Anonymous

What are some great math games that are not easy but yet not to hared?


Answer by  amywade40 (62)

Math Fact War Needed: deck of cards for each player. Decide to use +-/* and play like War. Do the math with the two cards and the quickest correct answer wins.


Answer by  Ganesan (53)

1. puzzles- these are some difficult games in math it will be real life suitations. An another one game is su-do-ku a japanese math game consist of squares in that we have to fill it up by using the numbers according to the rules given


Answer by  prasanth (22)

A tree cut down and touches the other bank of river, Counting Triangles, Cos Sin Tan with degrees, Age calculation of a son/father, Ratio between a group of members,


Answer by  eldergeek (473)

A search on "popular math games" (with or without the quotation marks) will return a richly rewarding list of age-appropriate information which is available on the web. A librarian from any school or public library will be able to offer books and/or additional information on this topic.

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