Question by  JimMoriarty (20)

What are some good tactics to use in acting?


Answer by  Spock (261)

An actor's two most important tools are imagination and empathy. Imagine yourself in the situation your character is in, with people close to you in the roles of the other characters. What would your character be feeling? Use those things when delivering your lines.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

The key to truly great acting is getting to know the character so you can BE the character -- it takes studying, reading every available source and interviewing people who understand this character -- perhaps the person him or her self. Take a look, for example, at how the actors got to know the real-life characters for "Apollo 13. "


Answer by  Abby95 (118)

Take time outside of rehearsal, and examine the script and ask, "What thoughts are going through my head right now? " and "What in my past led to this point? "


Answer by  mohankumar (83)

one of the good tactics would be to be natural and to get into skin of the character one is performing or to improvise on the character one has according to ones strength and to entertain the audience with it.

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