Question by  timeismoney (994)

What are some good sports slogans?

I need a sports slogan for my tball team.


Answer by  glennm12345 (140)

1. We work hard and play harder. 2. We play only to win. 3. Winning is not everything. It's the only thing. 4. Play big. Win big. 5. Stand tall, talk small, play ball


Answer by  Steve247 (519)

"One." Simple as that. If everyone on that team comes together as one and gives there all, sky is the limit. No one person above the team, no one below, you are all that "one."


Answer by  mike1162 (137)

"Winning isn't everything. It's the only thing." A phrase often attributed to football legend Vince Lombardi, it has long represented the competitive fire of sportsmen. For a less serious tone, Yogi Berra has offered such comic gems like "It ain't over 'til it's over," which has become a comeback battle cry.


Answer by  asianal (397)

Play big, Win Big, Winning is not everything, its the only thing, We work hard, and play harder. The sky is the limit

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