Question by  sharon52 (195)

What are some good paper crafts for children?

I want to do crafts on a budget.


Answer by  bvaniea (312)

Kleenex carnations are cheap and easy, materials are kleenex, pipe cleaners and a marker for color. Paper air planes and paper snowflakes or chain shapes are also easy and fun. Origami cranes and frogs are easy and can be animated to fly or hop. Pinwheels are good for a windy day, materials are a stick, pin, and paper.


Answer by  Sunshine38 (14)

One of the easiest and cheapest paper craft for children is bookmarks. They can be completely done on the computer which helps the child learn their way around the computer. In addition to doing them on computers you can also cut a template from a bookmark onto card stock and let them decorate the bookmark with crayons, stickers and glitter.

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