Question by  rajesh83 (11)

What are some good Native American baby names?

We want to pay tribute when we name our son.


Answer by  Ava (192)

Some good names are Waltzes with Wolverines, I Was Here First, Two Left Feet, Hell Columbus, Double A, Canyon Grande, Royal Gorge, East Kaibab, Rocky Fault, Hermit Shale, Mighty Marbles, Platt-Eau, Glen Canyon, Hurricane Fault, Sandy Shales and Pinky Cliffs. These are good names. The excellent names cost more than $0.04.


Answer by  McKenzieStarr (10)

I have seen many children who have Native American names. Some of the neatest names I have heard is when they are named after their clan.


Answer by  gloanne (37)

Obadiah, its a really good name and you can call your son OBI. Its a very good native name for your son, plus its a the name of IRON MAN's old friend OBADIAH STANE.


Answer by  eilrol (1431)

Abey, Yansy, Wilu, Gad, Chatan, Hakan, Hastiin, Rowtag, Tadi, Tadzi, Tse, Tyee, Nakai, Neka, Niyol, Nosh, Sike, Sani, Osceola, Ouray, Mato, Mikasi, Milap, Hania, Hinto, Howi, Huritt, Bimissi, Bidzill, Ohanko.

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