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Question by  vineetha20 (120)

What are some good names for Shih-Tzu puppies?

I need to name 6 puppies.


Answer by  wilson57 (239)

I think that shi-tzus look like the Ewoks from Star Wars movies. Any of the names of Ewoks would work well for puppies,including Chirpa, Teebo, Simon, Paploo, Kneesaa and Wicket.


Answer by  brittany89 (56)

Some good names for Shih-Tzu puppies are Balto,Buffy,Chi Chi,Holly,Jo Jo,and Shaggy. The all seem like pretty good names to me for such little puppies. When they grow up they'll be small anyway.


Answer by  doggy21 (14)


Reply by doggy21 (14):
The last one is ziggy  add a comment
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