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Question by  CoolCal (44)

What are some good names for girl dogs?

We are getting a female puppy next week.


Answer by  Nola (30)

Annabella, Betsy, Cassandra, Diva, Electra, Franny, Gia, Helga, Isabelle, Justine, Katie, Lulu, Miss Thing, Noodle, Olive, Pippin, Queenie, Risa, Shooky, Tota, Ursula, Victoria, Winnie, Xine, Zelda. That's one for each letter of the alphabet! Now, a few more... Lambie, Suki, Pooky, Chanel. Most important, study her personality, and have fun!


Answer by  Dale23 (192)

Many names are appropriate for girl dogs. Typical names would be Lady, Mitzi, Queenie, Princess, Girl, Lizzie. And some not so typical could be Fluffy, Star, Jasmine, Puffy. Or you could just come up with some unique names depending upon what the dog looks like. We have used Phantom, Cocoa, and Blackie.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

It's best if you choose your dog's name after you get her. Animals tend to actually name themselves based off actions or behaviors. It's a good idea to look online at a Pet name list and get an idea of some of the names that you like. That way when she arrives you have some names that could fit.


Answer by  Ranger (18)

if it is a great dog Lassie like the one of the film, but it is a dog small him you can also call Tysha or Molly

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