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Question by  NTKuan32 (131)

What are good names for German Shepherds?

I am getting one for my upcoming birthday, and the new dogs needs a good name that really fits that type of dog!


Answer by  LissaT (34)

I think a good name for a German Shepherd Dog would be "Max," "Kaiser," or "Buck" if the dog is male. If the dog is female, try "Callie."


Answer by  carolinak1979 (42)

German Shepherds are known to be extremely obedient, loyal and easy to train- noble names such as Duke, Princess, would fit perfectly!


Answer by  apu (39)

Arnold,Aiko ,BeethovenAchilles - The hero of Homer's Iliad Arnold - Powerful Axe Aiko Ajax Angstrom Deuce Jupiter Kobi Kaise Karl Kosmo Leo Luther Lucky Mambo Neptune Nova Omega Prinz Rambo Rot Talisman Tanka Titian


Answer by  rogera (788)

This is a strong dog and used for police work, a good solid name is needed, many of the new names are just great. Here are a few good ones you may want to consider, Abe, Axel, Ace, Barron, Anna,Bridget, Apache, Bella, Max, Duke, and such. Watch the dog and see it's character and demeanor, name it accordingly.

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