Question by  TabethaIrwin (7)

What are some good kids activities for an Illinois weekend vacation?

I will be spending a long weekend in Illinois with my new stepchildren.


Answer by  SamWiseUrbana (87)

You could always camp somewhere beautiful if you want or do outdoor stuff. Chicago is awesome during the holidays for ice skating and museums. The Natural History Museum might be a good idea.


Answer by  user71 (796)

Springfield, IL is a wonderful, there is the state capitol, and the Lincoln Museum which is exceptionally good. You can also take a side trip to New Salem.


Answer by  tcait (31)

Taking them to Chicago is always a great option. There you've got sports, food, tourist-y sites, music, and an overabundance of activities aimed at families. It's a fun town.


Answer by  Rudolpho (154)

If you're up in Chicago, there are many good restaurants and fun activities. Try to maximize your time away from O'Hare airport.


Answer by  patti (29325)

Illinois has a lot of features that kids would enjoy. Check online for travel information for the specific area of the state you will be visiting.

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