Question by  munaf121 (10)

What are some good self esteem activities?

I would like to have my girl scout group do some self esteem building activities.


Answer by  carrots (156)

There is no greater self esteem building activity than to do for others. One of the things I did as a young girl was to form a singing quartet. We visited the nursing homes and sang to them. We we made them happy and it made us happy too.


Answer by  ckechula (173)

A good self esteem activity is anything that involves being around others. Baseball, football, cheerlieading and maybe volleyball are good activities because you can make new friends and you can possibly find a friend that is somewhat like you. There are a lot of activities you can do, all you need to do is choose in interest to you.


Answer by  CarolynOsborne (2804)

The best way to build self-esteem is to have the girls succeed at doing something hard. Self-esteem is more than hearing praise; success has a lot to do with it.


Answer by  Marta (4)

It is good to let kids help in daily activities, like cooking, going to supermarket, etc..with specific goals, like 'choosing right products', searching for ways to help and feel usefull. painting or making some activity where things can be put into a nice 'exibition' of the art they created.


Answer by  Syron (79)

Each girl should take a while to look deeper into their inner selves. And find out what they are good at and what they enjoy. Girls at this age too are very sensitive and as such, there should be no bickering within them. None at all.

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