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Question by  Sammy98 (25)

What are some good Internet games for 3-year-old girls?


Answer by  alejandropro (92)

You might want to check with Flash Games. There are sites that cater to these type of audiences, such as "TheKidzPage", "FlashGamesForKids", and even "Nonoba". Some even have corners particuarly for girls, such as barbie games. They have no Adult Material to worry about, and they'll be perfectly safe.


Answer by  Feasel (1766)

Best sites for that age range would probably be Nick Junior related or PBS type games where there's not a lot of heavy reading and a lot of learning opportunities


Answer by  lucrasious (135)

Club Penguin isn't bad, but you will have trouble finding a game that will keep her attention and be 3-year-old user friendly. There is also a bunch of things on the PBS kids website which allow you to pick the education difficulty, like counting and colors, and it managed to keep my 5-year-old occupied for quite a while.


Answer by  Molae06 (1467)

More Bloons is a great game, it is addicting and takes a while to complete all the levels. Another great one is Insaniquarium. That game can provide loads of fun!


Answer by  logandabody (5)

I recommend you at least make her play puzzle games to activate brain activity; seeing as how 3 year olds should not be wasting their brain cells already.


Answer by  askcmk (45)

Dora the Explorer is a toddler show on Nickelodeon. Her show is geared towards 2-6 year olds and a majority of the viewers are girls within this age range. A good online game for 3 year old girls would be Dora's Great Big world.


Answer by  PeterAaron (408)

There are a couple toddler specific sites you can find by simply going to google and searching toddler games online. It really depends if you're looking for learning games or just games to keep them occupied but I would suggest always initially playing them yourself to determine difficulties.

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