Question by  waltmont (23)

What are some good ideas for names for twins?

I want something original.


Answer by  mturker (132)

One idea is to go with two names that mean the same thing in different languages, like Aurora and Dawn, Nathaniel and Theodore, or Eve and Zoe.


Answer by  Butthairs (47)

If I were to have twins I would name them John and Jack, Cecil and Vincent, Juliet and Kate, or Anna and Claire. I am assuming that this is referring to identical twins.


Answer by  petterrific (60)

Bailey and Bonney cuddle and Corey bronze and Bruno Furby and Fudge Marilyn and Merlin Cleo and Leo Bailey and Hailey April and Ash Ashton and Marvin Bubbles and Troubles Bruce and Bailey Destiny and Delta Dorothy and duke Fluffy and Foxy Fuzzy and Fudge Harley and Harry Hazel and Harley Homer and Harley Ant and Deck Marilyn and merlin


Answer by  petterrific (60)

ZOE AND CLOE eve and steve


Answer by  petterrific (60)

lucy and peter

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