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Question by  bpmock (140)

What are some good girl dog names?

I feel unimaginative.


Answer by  pikapika (26)

Think of your favorite movie, book, or television show character and use that for inspiration when naming your dog. Sookie, Bella, Gaga, are all popular names that would be good for a girl dog. You can really use anything for inspiration, even food. I have known dogs named Cinnamon, Honey, Cocoa, and Hershey.


Answer by  tjwltrs (109)

Arielle, Mandi, Misty, Riley, Holly, Missy, Pearl, Grace, Jessi, Zoe, Noel, Mindy, Maddie, Honey, Minnie, Daisy, I think that any human girl's name will work for a dog and I recommend a middle name as well. That way they know when they are in trouble the same as with a child.

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