Question by  protoman (24)

What are some good comic book storage solutions?


Answer by  embockjr (709)

A comic book collection should be stored in a low acid container, such as marketed by photo supply houses. Individual comic books should be placed in suitable plastic bags and then stored in the larger acid free container. It is important to isolate the collection from chemical exposure, as well as light.


Answer by  viva (60)

To keep comic books safely stored away, keep them in a dry place and seal them so they will not get dirty. Put them in plastic slip covers and tape them shut. Then put them into boxes or metal containers. Do not let the area they are in flood or be near any fire.


Answer by  AnnArk (141)

Ideally, the collection would be stored in a climate that is naturally dry and cool so that more expensive solutions do not have to be pursued.


Answer by  LisaM (61)

I keep my comic books in acid free protectors with acid free cardboard to help keep the comics prestine. Then taped closed and filed in a plastic storage bin.


Answer by  joker101 (42)

Comic books are pretty simple to store without taking up that much space, but that can always change if you have hundreds of them. Anyway, find a place deep in your closet if you have space there and put them in a rectangular box. Or you can also put them on a book shelf.


Answer by  les59 (852)

I would store comic books in rubbermaid plastic storage totes. These seem to work best for my comic books that I sell on eBay. They prent them from getting wet.

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