Question by  sujatha48 (2)

What are some good colors to coordinate with turquoise?

I want to paint the living room a shade of turquoise.


Answer by  BrendaG (6111)

Good accent colors with turquoise are burgandy or dark reds, browns, white, eggshell, pinks, rose, black, tans, greys, silver, beiges, and yellow. Throw rugs, curtains, and pillows are great to co-ordinate with. Retro and art deco themes work great with turquoise. Turquoise with yellows, pinks, and oranges create a happy atmosphere reminiscent of the sixties and seventies.


Answer by  Susan (179)

Depending if it is a bright turquoise or a light one. Bright turquoise always seems to coordinate with a coral color. Light turquoise goes best with a white or light cream color. Bright turquise also looks good with bright yellow.


Answer by  myob (33)

Some color palettes: Turquoise, brown, yellow, salmon, ivory Turquoise, gold, black, coral Turquoise, tan, crimson Turquoise, white, pink, light yellow Turquoise, tangerine, yellow, white Turquoise, light cyan, aquamarine, sky blue


Answer by  Krissy (178)

Pure white, with splashes of black and maybe brown would go well with turquoise walls. Try looking for different darker shades of blue.


Answer by  noosh (673)

Turquiose is a cool color, you should have accents of colors that have orane in them in order to warm your room up. In addition, use a little off white or cream color to add a neutral color to your room.


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