Question by  KremarMonBaniago (21)

What are some good chores for kids ages six to eight years of age?

I need to have my children start doing chores so they can learn responsibility.


Answer by  eccentricoz (107)

If they don't do this already, have them pick up after themselves whenever they play with their toys, whether it is in the bedroom or the living room. When they wake up in the morning, have them fix their beds, this is a short and simple task. Cleaning their own rooms, such as picking up clothes and toys.


Answer by  Pineapple7 (260)

Good chores for 6 to 8 year olds could include feeding and brushing the family pet, watering the houseplants, setting/clearing the dinner table, and helping to fold laundry.


Answer by  singlady (161)

Children can help set the table for meals and clear up after, wash and dry dishes, put utensils away; something they will particularly enjoy if mom or dad works alongside.


Answer by  visira779 (269)

You can have them sweep floors. They can also wash dishes. You can teach them the proper way of making their beds and cleaning out the sinks in the house. You can instruct them on how to change a trash bag. And you can show them how to clean windows. These are all chores that your child can do.

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