Question by  adfd (14)

What are some good campaign platform ideas for someone running for class president?


Answer by  Jonathan30 (31)

A good issue to run on for class president is the promise to improve the quality of school lunches. Another idea is try and convice the school administration to fund more extra curricular activities for your classmates. Finally, a potential idea is allowing more student participation in the formulation of school assemblies and entertainment.


Answer by  Cathariel (35)

Transparency in school decision making process, i.e. making internal documents and receipts available for public viewing. Offering more frequent student polling. Scheduling open forum style meetings between government and student body. Making school pride events optional instead of mandatory.


Answer by  Anonymous

To be honost if you are running for class president you won't be able to change school lunches or add extra curriculars. Try to do things that excite the students but are deffinately possible.


Answer by  jitwtal (23)

You need to be honest, you need not to promise things that you have no control over. Also, you need to talk with fellow students. Gather support.


Answer by  jaclark586 (359)

Good platform ideas would focus on realistic goals to make school more fun. Possibly suggesting better food in the lunchroom or having different actvities during a spirit week. The candidate should also remind his/her classmates they are repected by both the school staff and their classmates alike so they can accomplish thier goals.


Answer by  Exclasspresident (7)

Someone running for class president should promise to be honest, host a great prom, plan awesome events, and be a go-between to the students and administration.


Answer by  John (9008)

You need to be realistic in what you promise. Claims that you will eliminate homework or shorten the school day, for example, are impossible and will only make you look like a fool. The exact things will vary with your school, and asking your classmates what needs fixing is the best route. Some broad ideas are improving prom and such.


Answer by  esquisitepetal (65)

Focus on the future, inspire students with how you can make their lives better. Specify the things you want to accomplish have three main goals.

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Answer by  Anonymous

If you are in elementary, try Spirit Days or Spirit Weeks. Lunch on Lawns are fun ways to bring the school together. Good Lucks! Hope you Win! Think about what your school wants or/and need! You can do it! Suceed!


Answer by  Anonymous

You should improve lunches, have school pride, plan better school events, have extra curricular activities, more school dances, have better sports opportunities, chewing gum for tests, cell phones at lunch in Middle School, and finally having reading technology. As a campaigner you should also have school pride!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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