Question by  Andrew195 (33)

Was Richard Nixon a good president?

I know about the Watergate business, but generally, what he a good president in terms of the economy, business, diplomacy, etc.


Answer by  JDBIII (222)

I would have to say that Richard Nixon was, indeed, a good president. His diplomacy and attention to the role of the U.S. on the world stage is unmatched. His opening of China in 1972 was the needed first step in ending the Cold War and starting a lasting peace between the Super Powers. Nixon was a good president.


Answer by  starlight (6)

Richard Nixon had success with his domestic agenda and made some important foreign policy gains. The Watergate scandal, however, ruined his historic reputation.


Answer by  itsmy89 (11)

Most people think Richard Nixon was a crook. But what they don't realize is that the majority of the freedoms that the civil rights act provides were implemented during the Nixon years.

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