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Question by  Rose66 (21)

What is a good alternative medication for a hormone balance issue?

I need alternative medication suggestions for hormone balance issues.


Answer by  ThesaurusRex (12)

I have found that a good alternative treatment for hormonal imbalances are diet and exercise. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can offset the symptoms of ordinary hormone balance issues. Regulating sleep patterns, eating foods rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants, and being active throughout the day are are all natural ways of keeping the body healthy.


Answer by  Christian9247 (5042)

Due to the dangerous nature of Hormone Therapy, today's doctors will prescribe alternative ways of dealing with imbalance such as herbal remedies. Various types of herbs are recommended, one is Black Cohosh or Phyoestrogenic herbs. Herbs stimulate a woman's hormone production thus accelerating the nourishing and cleansing the pituitary endocrine glands.


Answer by  Melissa101010 (4405)

If you go to the herbal store you will be able to find a progesterone cream that you rub on your body daily that will help you with your hormone balance issues. You rub it on your wrist, back of your legs, inner thighs, and places like that. It will help balance your hormones.


Answer by  helol25 (680)

Well they basically say to take some spearmint tea daily to deal with the hormonal issues and excess hair as well.


Answer by  regal (45)

A good alternative to traditional medicine for managing hormone imbalance would be to take supplemental echinacea herbs one to two times a day. Echinachea is known for promoting balance.


Answer by  Dean (4035)

Hormone balance is a delicate matter in the body. There are many different hormones, each with a specific function. For alternative replacements, visit with a homeopathic or naturopathic physician. There may be some herbs or essential oils that can help.


Answer by  barkley (951)

If your hormone balance issues are female mid life issues, recommend soy products, black cohosh for cramps, St. John's Wort for depression, Ginkgo for fatigue, and sage.

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