Question by  MeredithX (13)

What are some effective women's self-defense techniques?

I have to walk alone as part of my job.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

Make sure you have a cellphone and a small can of pepper spray. If you ever are assaulted, an area to go for is the nose. A sharp upthrust with the heel of your hand will break the assailant's nose and distract him for you to get away.


Answer by  MimiLaFoo (25)

Try to walk only in well lit areas and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Hold your keys between your fingers, poking out through your knuckles. This way, if it becomes necessary, you can poke/scratch an attacker with several keys at once and put some force into it.


Answer by  cmkekbif (778)

It would be a good idea to purchase either pepper spray or a small stun gun to keep with you during your walk if you are concerned about safety. Also keep your purse on your arm to make it more difficult for someone to grab and be alert at all times.


Answer by  Ahamedribin (19)

Some effective women's self defense techniques are that they should study karate or any other self defensing techniques.They should keep knife to protect themselves when needed

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