Question by  ashwinsiddhi (12)

What are some easy to keep haircuts for women?

I need a new haircut.


Answer by  headfirst (82)

There are many unique haircuts nowadays. If you want a simple haircut, just get a quick trim. Try cutting a couple inches off or a layered style for something different.


Answer by  mlr28blu (69)

It depends on the type of hair. A bob is an easy to maintain hairstyle for straight hair. Also, a shoulder-length layered cut would be good. For curly, a shoulder-length haircut would be easy to maintain. Bangs look great on anyone, as well, and keep the hair out of your face.


Answer by  Aubs (1089)

Any type of short bob is typically easy to care for. Shorter hair takes less styling time and becomes less tangled while sleeping. Many people with short hair can just wake up in the morning, put a bit of product in their hair and get on with their day.


Answer by  Ashley3012 (16)

One of the easiest and low maintenance haircut for women to keep is neatly trimmed shoulder length hair. It is also the most versatile. Depending on your mood, you can either bun, crimp, blow dry, tie, wave, or even experiment with different colours.


Answer by  nikkeeb (111)

Cuts with lots of layers can look a bit gross as they grow out if they are not properly maintained, so go for something all the one length. Short hair needs to be trimmed more frequently, too.


Answer by  Heather726 (257)

It really depends on the type of hair you have. Most women I know like a haircut that's about shoulder length or a little longer; so they can wear it down or put it up when busy. A stylist would be able to tell you the right type of haircut for your lifestyle and type of hair.


Answer by  NickB (118)

Shaving your head and keeping your hairstyles in boxes is about the easiest. Since hats with hair already in them are readily available, you can have a cap with a ponytail or bucket hat with bangs any time you like.

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