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Question by  Exene (18)

What are some different ideas for getting a names tattoo on my forearm?


Answer by  Kal (35)

First, there are a lot of tattoo artists who will not tattoo names (has to be with people wanting them removed later on). But, if you have an artist who will tattoo names, consider using white ink as it will show less, although you may have to go in for more touch-ups.


Answer by  crmn (34)

Get a rose and on each of the leaves put a name. Get a family crest and in the different sections place the names of those who signify each symbol. Have the names written in a circular form to make one big circle or a few circles linked together. Place the name of the person within or under an animal.


Answer by  RandallGollihue (23)

Well, it all depends on your personality, like if you have more of a morbid or darkside, I would suggest you to get it done in Gothic lettering and caps, maybe with some webs or spiders, or graveyard-ish things. If you have more of a dedication, I would suggest you to have a more simple looking text, Less personal.


Answer by  TwoToneDodge (2204)

I would recomend not getting a name tattoo unless its a loved one in the family, a loved one who has passed or you are SURE the relationship will last. Tattoos WILL NOT GO AWAY, your love for someone may. Perhaps spring for a word that means alot to you or lyrics from a band.

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