Question by  Dave52 (24)

What are some cures for ringworm?

Nothing I try seems to work.


Answer by  quisqualis (1756)

Ringworm on the body should respond to Nizoral cream or ointment. On the scalp, it can be difficult to control. The fungus can invade your hair, leading to recurrences. Head shaving has been found to help cure scalp ringworm, but in addition, the topical Nizoral should be used. A doctor can prescribe it.


Answer by  Kelly65 (51)

You need to see a doctor who can give you a prescription for it. If you just have one or two spots you will get an ointment, if it's more severe you will get tablets as well. Make sure you always complete the treatment as advised. If you stop the treatment prematurely it may come back!


Answer by  aecarpenter (516)

It will usually go away over time. You can try topical over the counter anti-fungals. But if those don't seem to be working, then you should go see a doctor and ask him/her to prescribe a stronger anti-fungal medication. That should take care of it in no time.


Answer by  BrianB89 (160)

Keep the ringworm infection cool, dry and clean. You could try an anti-fungal cream such as Lamisil. A home remedy is by bleaching the infection to clear up the discoloration and kill the fungus. In order to prevent ringworm in the future, be sure not to share your belongings, such as socks, towels, undergarments etc.


Answer by  cathybellejones (309)

Garlic oil applied directly to the skin will cure most ringworms. If it is still stubborn, take Pau de arco orally in tablet or tea. Success is guaranteed.


Answer by  nick91 (50)

Try covering the infected area and the area around the infection in tincture of iodine as much as three times a day. Don't stop applying until the ringworm disappears. If that doesent work, a doctor would be happy to prescribe something to kill your ringworm or perhaps reccomend an over the counter anti fungal cream for you to use.


Answer by  Venise (104)

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar works for all sorts of things dealing with the skin and hair and ringworm is one of the things it works well for. Simple get a cotton ball and put cider vinegar on it,let that cotton ball sit on there for about 15-20 minutes twice a day until it subsides,its cost effective and works.


Answer by  Connie45 (1110)

Have you tried gentian violet? Ask for it at your pharmacy. I had ringworm when I was 13 and this is what my grandmother used on me and it worked.


Answer by  Travis404607 (3916)

Ringworm needs to be treated by a physician, who will likely try to prescribe a course of antiparasitic medications. If one doesn't work, they can try another.


Answer by  AnnSir (106)

Ringworm can be treated topically but oral medication is sometimes necessary. Ringworm can look better before it is actually cured so continuing the treatment for an adequate time is vital.


Answer by  Liz59 (10966)

Get some lotrizone or cortisone cream from your doctor. Apply a thin layer. It will be cured in a few days

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