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Question by  jefinsmithgmailcom (16)

What are some creative ideas for chipmunk deterrents?


Answer by  puplover (18)

Chipmunks can be quite a problem. An electric fence is probably your best bet for deterring these pesky critters. A three foot tall fence made of chicken wire with an electric wire approximately six inches from the ground and about three inches from the top of the fence should do the trick.


Answer by  DNice (27)

I think you should put a fake owl up in your yard. This will scare the chipmonks and they will not try to come into your yard. Or you could throw food into your neighbors yard to lure them over there. Then it will be your neighbors problem. Try this and they will go away.


Answer by  sjhomer (30)

there are many chipmunk deterrents, both lethal, and humane. you can use live traps, patrol the area with your dog, shoot one or two with a bb or pellet gun ( it will send a message to the rest of the chipmunks around), nylon netting around your gardens, rat traps,and keeping a few cats around will also deterr the buggers


Answer by  candy (76)

As a temporary deterrent you may try spraying predator urine (particularly fox urine) or spreading mothballs. Some people recommend spraying the area hot sauce or pepper spray but it may seriously injure or they could even blind themselves when they try to alleviate the pain. Simple solution: get a cat, they are a natural predator of chipmunks.

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