Question by  headbanger783 (30)

What are some considerations for a male thinking about going into nursing?


Answer by  SriLanka (264)

These days, there really isn't much difference between genders when it comes to nursing. In the past, some people might look at it strangely because it was a traditionally female profession, but thats just not an issue anymore. If you are interested in the field, go for it!


Answer by  chapstick (58)

i think male nurses are awesome. there are older gentlemen (my grandfather) who prefer to be tended to by a male nurse. male nurses are not as plentiful, but are needed in the medical profession. i know there are women who prefer to be tended to by women--and can be. we need to give men the same option.


Answer by  Kyla (19)

The high demand for male nurses would give job security. The money is great. Nursing offers a broad variety of fields. In a profession that is prodominately women, he may even find a social aspect. It gives flexible hours and can even allow for a second job, or even hobby.


Answer by  meme (11)

that you'll be a rare male in a profession that is mostly female, amongst patients who typically expect a female

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