Question by  prasath25 (46)

How much do dental nurses make?

I am thinking of going to school for this.


Answer by  dawn61 (60)

It matter on if you're referring to a dental assistant or hygienist. A certified dental hygienist makes roughly $24 to $36 usd an hour. A registered dental assistant makes from $15 to $34 usd an hour.


Answer by  mdharis88 (15)

As the salary wizard says, dental assistants or dental nurses (are reffered with both names) make a median salary of $32K/year in the US that is about 16,300 British Pounds per year. They are paid in correspondence with the place they work, their experience and the post that they are working on.


Answer by  CarpenterAnt (109)

There's no such job as dental nurse. However, Dental assistants, who assist the dentist in surgeries, have an average salary of $33k. Dental Hygienists (cleaners) make more, averaging $64k.


Answer by  littleamy85 (184)

First of all, most people call dental nurses dental assistants. They can make between 17,000 to 29,000 if they are just starting out. It depends on where you work and how much experience you have. You would probably be making around 23-36,000/year.

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