Question by  JMalligaPriya (62)

What are some common phone screening questions for a management training position?

I would like to obtain a position with a company for management training, I have my first phone interview tomorrow and need some ideas.


Answer by  tysonjc1 (204)

Some common phone screening questions for a management training position include: Tell me about a difficult manager you have had in the past? What did you learn from this manager? How will this situation make you a better manager?


Answer by  VictoriaB (102)

Expect to be asked questions about your past management experience and style and how you would handle problems with customers and employees. Good luck with your interview!


Answer by  worker2746 (2434)

They will often ask about how you manage people and to give a situation in which a bad situation turned out good. They will want specifics when it comes to this question.


Answer by  coxdjustinuseless (123)

One common question is how do you work under pressure and what is a situation that you felt pressured. How did you handle that?


Answer by  ar51 (6)

A telephonic interiview is a basic requirement before going in for a full fledged interview. qualification,workplace preference, salary,experience , postion applied for is apt is checked. This will give the employer a good idea and will save some managerial time for the employer. Also first round of elimination may happen.

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