Question by  Jerry (27)

Which rooster is the best to keep as a pet?

I would like to keep a rooster as a pet.


Answer by  Sara89 (367)

Conventional wisdom among people who raise chickens would say that a single rooster (with no hens) will be lonely, and won't make a good pet, although there have been exceptions.


Answer by  sanityrose (2664)

Though keeping a rooster as a pet can be complicated, depending on it's housing outlook and the county you live in, the 8 lb Orpington is the best way to go. Among rooster enthusiasts, those who keep them as pets, the Orpington rooster is a favorite. He is calm, patient, and takes well to hand feeding and human attention.


Answer by  trynzh (72)

The Barnevelder Roosters will be a good one for a pet. It is very docile and friendly, it is known to seek human attention and enjoys in it. These type of roosters are non-combative and are very easy to keep with other roos. The Barnevelder's Hens can also be very good mothers to their chicks.


Answer by  mad457 (15)

Roosters do not normally make good pets; they are very loud and sometimes aggressive. Make sure you take into account the size of the breed you choose and don't choose a fighting rooster.


Answer by  martine (860)

The type is not really going to change the outcome, which will possibly be angry neighbors. Most peoples neighbors will potition to have disruptive animal such as a rooster banned from specific areas.


Answer by  Eddie87 (129)

Chickens are a type of rooster which is most commonly kept as a pet. chickens will also give you eggs if you get a female.

Reply by vdutchuk (0):
Sorry to contradict you here but you have it a little backwards. Chickens are the type of fowl (ie, chicken, duck, goose, etc.) and a rooster is a male chicken. A female chicken is called a hen.  add a comment

Answer by  mk (8)

The best rooster to keep as a pet is the New Hampshire Red. They are people friendly and get along well with other roosters too. They can be hand fed.

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