Question by  MicheleJ (50)

What are some clever ideas for invitations to a 50th birthday party?

It's for my lifelong friend.


Answer by  Mable (3008)

Here are three ideas: Try basing the invitation on movie, song or headline quotes from the year/date of birth. Or trying basing them on your friend's favorite things. Or try the theme "fifty" -- use fifty cent pieces, fifty dollar bills, items that come in packages of fifty.


Answer by  larson (62)

My mother recently turned fifty, and we found that a surprise party at a restaurant was the ideal way to spend it. about fifty people were invited.


Answer by  michiyo (97)

maybe the invitation would shape and look like a jukebox style. some playful color would be nice in it and also you could be as classic style with a picture of the celebrant with some corner design you have in mind.


Answer by  VanjaScepanovic (46)

Let the invitation first written some mild insults, such as "how are you friend, I do not want to hear from you, delete my number." When you continue to read and eventually see that he was invited to the birthday, and fallen stone from his heart and he will come.

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